Diamonds are our Passion

DiaCentre dba DiaCerts has been a 3rd generation family owned business since 1987. Based out of New York's famed Diamond District, we take pride in the outstanding characteristics and quality of the diamonds and jewelry we provide, and are proud to place our family name upon it.

You can trust us to bring you fine quality, prompt overnight service, and excellent prices. All our diamonds have passed stringent Kimberly Process protocol to ensure that they are ethical and enduring.

Dia Centre
Dia Centre

Unmatched Selection

Our online search options are just one segment of what we carry. For non-certified and small melee calls please reach out to any one of our friendly staff for a quote.

Laser Inscribed Diamonds

For your protection and peace of mind, our certified diamonds are laser inscribed with their GIA number on the girdle.

Low Price Guarantee

We value our diamonds to ensure you get the most competitive industry pricing without sacrificing on quality or service.